Large-scale digital learning transformations are complex and can be daunting. Often a focus is put on platform selection. But platforms are only a fraction in the equation for success. My services help L&D departments consider and implement all the necessary pillars for transformation. I provide the tools and expertise on HOW to transform.

Target Operating Model

Learning in a digital environment is immediate and content demands are high. A successful L&D department must pivot daily to proactively manage the needs of a rapidly upskilling employee base. Using a model based on Emergency Room triage processes, I help teams implement a methodology to prioritize and optimize time and resources to get the best engagement and business impact.

Content Strategy

While SCORM courses still need to be supported for regulatory and compliance content, to benefit the most from a next-gen learning platform, a learning function needs a revised content strategy to include new media types, such as infographics, podcast, articles, and videos. I work with companies to develop and overarching content strategy and identify specific content needs for your audiences.

Data Analysis

Based on my eBook “Data-Driven Learning Design”, I use untapped data sources to better understand the needs and preferences of learning audiences. This means looking beyond completions and designing content truly around the digital body language of the learner. My methodology streamlines the design process for faster content delivery. It has led to proven increased engagement and content utilization.

Skills Analysis

I work with companies to define L&D team strengths and identify gaps against the new skills required during and post-transformation. These include: journalism, digital marketing, and performance consulting. I also have a curated network of experts you can partner with to build expertise in-house.   


Stakeholders across the business can be the largest barrier to transformation. I work with L&D team to develop strategies to position the new way of working and how to streamline performance consulting conversations. I also deliver full-day immersive workshops on HOW to execute data-driven learning design to maximize business impact.